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Leadership as a Practice

The context for leadership in Europe today includes dealing with global forces such as diversity, interdependence and continuous change. To take advantage of these forces, leaders must build adaptive capacity. This requires ongoing practice with deep learning, personal growth and developing new competencies. 

ECLP helps cultivate this by using innovative and integrative leadership development practices that generate real impact for you, your team, your organization and community.


What do we offer?

We offer customized hands-on and personal support for leaders to deepen their practice. This can be through individualized coaching, team development or companywide programs. The results are increased leadership effectiveness, greater complexity of awareness and the cultivation of collective adaptive capacity.


ECLP cultivates its own capacity by participating in a global community of thought and practice leadership. We bring together decades of experience in the fields of leadership development, communication and cognitive development to synthesize an innovative brand of work. Along with this, we draw on next generation resources and tools to support your leadership practice.

How do we work?

We begin with you; who are you, what is your situation, needs and desires? We use assessments that enable us to map your journey with you and give you penetrating insights into your impact on others and the core of your own thinking. We apply this to program design and delivery for individual coaching and for scaling this work to teams and organizations.

ECLP participates in research, and knowledge sharing experiences with international scientists in the field. Through this we continually evolve our practice of unfolding the wisdom of leadership.  

The range of tools and services are focused on awareness-based leadership development.

ECLP brings an array of relevant tools to unfold the wisdom of leadership:

TLC development system

An award winning, comprehensive system for developing individual and organization wide leadership effectiveness.

TLC certifications

ECLP can offer in house certification of coaches and consultants for organizations wishing to support large scale implementation of TLC tools and methods.

ECLP Academy

ECLP integrates scientific knowledge with skillful learning models and practical designs in creating customized programs for addressing a wide range of challenges.

Lectical assessments

The Lectical Leadership Decision Making Assessment (LDMA) to increase the effectiveness of your decision making skills.

The Leadership Circle offers breakthrough tools and support technologies used by Human Resource and OD professionals as well as independent consultants and coaches for use with their client organizations.

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Lectica is leading an assessment revolution. Their approach combines the learning sciences with diagnostic measurement to enable practitioners to bring measurable development to leadership skills

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Applied Participatory Practices: ECLP offers cutting edge organizational design work that can maximize engagement and self-organization.

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Immunity to Change (ITC): ECLP integrates ITC processes into their work to enable deep, lasting growth for leaders.

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